Discovering Your Soul Purpose

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Discovering Your Soul Purpose Energy Alignment & Card Prompt Videos

Discovering Your Soul Purpose with Oracle Cards & Energy is a 4 week self-guided online journey towards a life of connection and love. Included are two one-on-one sessions, 15 minutes each, with Christine Penner Polle, creator of Climate of Joy.

Here is what is all included in Discovering Your Soul Purpose with Oracle Cards & Energy: 

  • Four videos with new energy tools & oracle card tips, plus a *bonus* fifth video on the extra week three card spread. Watch a new one every week, or at your own pace. 
  • Five pre-recorded Zoom calls that offer a chance to pull out your oracle card decks to learn and play with them and your energy, and release blocks to accessing your inner super power!
  • Two 15 minute one-on-one sessions with Christine!
  • The Oracle Cards & Energy Toolkit e-book for download, with workbook pages to support you on your soul purpose journey along with two *BONUS* e-books, Guide to Personality & Soul Cards and Energy Alignment Tools.
  • All the Energy Alignment Tips and Oracle Card prompt videos & resources  from the popular Ignite Your Insight with Oracle Cards 5-Day Challenge.
  • Membership in the private Climate of Joy Facebook group, where you can ask questions and share your DYSP journey with others.
  • Downloadable recording of a “Setting Sacred Space” meditation to play whenever you use your oracle cards.
  • A comprehensive list of Christine’s favourite resources on energy and oracle cards, many of them free, is included in the Toolkit.

Exploring Energy Alignment & Your Intuition: Zoom Calls

In each of these zoom calls, Christine walks participants through different energetic work to increase clarity and connection to our Inner GPS. The deep energetic work in these videos includes releases subconscious reversals and vows (from this life, as well as ones we inherited from our family and from past lives), identifying our Soul and Personality cards, and releasing blocks to following the original soul blueprint for our life.

The Tree of Life card spread that is included in the DYSP process culminates in a visioning process to create a Vision Board based on your Soul Purpose. 

E-book Resources to Download

The Oracle Cards And Energy Toolkit guides you through the DYSP experience. It provides resources to understand that the universe, including each of us, is vibrating energy, and how to use that knowledge to access our "inner GPS". Once this strong foundation is laid, the toolkit provides getting started with oracle cards basics, and builds on that to lead you through the Tree of Life Soul Purpose card spread. As well, ideas for other card spreads, what questions to ask, as well as journaling with cards are also included.

Bonus e-books are the Guide to Personality & Soul Cards and the Energy Alignment Tools E-Books, as well a downloadable pdf of the Tree of Life Card Spread.

Ignite Your Insight Challenge Energy Alignment Tips and Oracle Card Prompt Videos & Resources

The 5 day challenge includes a daily morning video from me leading you through an easy-to-learn energy alignment exercise (a different one each day!) AND a simple prompt to guide you as you work with your oracle cards each day. 

Don't forget to download the resources to help set a good foundation for this challenge, The 3 Tips for Using Oracle Cards and the Energy Alignment Tips E-Books. 

Have fun exploring your inner guidance system with these amazing tools, oracle cards and energy alignment!

Book Your Two 15 Minute Sessions with Christine

Get a jump start on tuning into your intuition with more clarity and confidence, and book your 15 minute sessions with Christine now!

Sacred Space Meditation

Listen to this Setting Sacred Space meditation whenever you are preparing to use your oracle cards, or any time you would like to connect yourself to Source and ground yourself to Mother Earth.

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